Why Choose Guardian Roof

The Guardian™ roof has the ability to change your life and give you the garden room you always wanted – extending your ground floor living space creating an area that can be used every day.

The market-leading Guardian Warm Roof is a revolutionary step forward in home improvement – a high performance, lightweight roof replacement system that dramatically transforms your conservatory into an ambient, much needed space that can be used daily, all year round.

Designed to replace your existing conservatory’s glass or polycarbonate roof, the Guardian Warm Roof System retains your original windows, doors frames, walls, and is fully tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards. Plus with planning consent, internal dividing doors or walls can be removed to provide a permanent extension, opening up and connecting your new space with your existing living space, giving you that much needed additional ground floor open plan layout.

After months of testing the Guardian Roof using various materials, a superior lightweight aluminium frame was chosen due to its high-performance structural properties.

Many roof systems use timber, which weighs significantly more, putting additional stress on the existing conservatory walls. Timber is also prone to shrinkage and is often cut to size on-site unlike the Guardian Roof structural frame which is manufactured and pre-assembled under quality controlled factory conditions.

Most importantly make sure you ask to see our Team Guardian ID and you will be assured that your installer is going to do a great job. The system has been designed to give you additional assurances, not just for the roof itself but also for the quality of the installation.